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Only the unbelievers dispute the revelations of God. So do not let their activities in the land deceive you.


Pak Night Eye Care

Pak Night Clinic has recently opened a Pak Eye Care centre just opposite Pak Night Clinic at Soldier Bazar No. 2 where Eye OPD facility and Optician counter are available. Shortly starting Cataract Surgery, as well, with free Surgery for deserving candidates.

Surah Fateha Request

For reciting Surah Fateha of your marhoomeen in Ramzan, at Quran Khwani and Qirat programs at Aza Khana Zehra by Aashiqaane Abbas, please email us at info@fateha.org


The Grave Pictures have been updated till Grave Number N-920 and for Hussaini Bagh No.1 till H-108. If you would like to add, replace or update any picture, please email along with Grave Number.You can also send the picture of the grave for upload.


Our records are as per KPSIAJ data. If you want to correct any details, please email us. Also note that for grave repair, pls contact KPSIAJ office.

Data update

The website is currently updated till Dec-2020. For graves of N series, enter grave number first and then write N. e.g. “57N”. You can now also search for graves at Wadi-e-Zainab (A.s) and Hussaini Bagh No. 1 by entering grave number then write L for graves at lower level e.g. “54L” and write U for graves at upper level e.g. “55U” for Wadi-e-Zainab (A.s) and by entering grave number then write H for graves at Hussaini Bagh No. 1.