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Such is Our chastisement; and the punishment of the Hereafter will be greater, if only they knew! THE TRUE BELIEVERS will be successful, Those to whom We gave the Book before this do believe in it; The day they will be burnt in the Fire, When the apostles despaired and thought they were made false promises, Our help arrived, and We delivered whom We pleased; but never will Our punishment be averted from the sinners. He has relented towards the three also (who had refused to go to the battle of the Ditch) whose case was left undecided, and even the earth with all its expanse had become narrow for them, and their lives were confined, and they came to realise there was no refuge for them except in God. So He softened towards them that they may repent; for God surely accepts repentance and is merciful. It is We who give life and We who give death, and We are the One who will abide. And all those who are on the earth, to save himself. And how many faces on that Day will be woe-begone It is not their meat or blood that reaches God: It is the fealty of your heart that reaches him. That is why He has subjugated them to you that you may glorify God for having shown you the way. So give glad tidings to those who are doers of good. And they say: "These are fables of antiquity he has invented, which are dictated to him morning and evening." Those who deny the signs of God and the meeting with Him, cannot have hope of My mercy. There is a painful punishment for them. It is He who created you from clay then determined a term (of life) for you, and a term (is fixed) with Him. Even then you doubt. From a drop of semen when emitted; There was a sign for the people of Saba in their habitations: Two gardens, on the right and left. (And they were told:) "Eat of what your Lord has given you and be thankful. Fair is your land, and forgiving your Lord."
Death Anniversaries
Name: MOHAMMAD HUSSAIN, Expiry Date: 1975-06-01

Name: GHULAM HUSSAIN, Expiry Date: 1981-06-01

Name: AKBER ALI, Expiry Date: 1985-06-01

Name: SAFIA BANOO, Expiry Date: 1989-06-01

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