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And do not withhold from people what belongs to them, and do not corrupt the land; Tell the believers to forgive those who do not fear the visitations of God, so that He may requite the people for their deeds. Then he whose deeds shall weigh heavier in the scale Then each will see what he had done in the past; and they will turn to God, their true Lord, and all the lies they had fabricated will be of no avail to them. (And prayed:) "O Lord, save me and my family from what they do." Just think! You hold them as your friends but they do not, even though you believe in all the Scriptures. When they meet you they say: "We believe;" but when they are alone they bite their fingers in rage. Say: "Die of your rage. God is aware of the secrets of the hearts." GOD CERTAINLY HEARD what the woman who argued with you about her husband, said, and complained to God; and God heard your interrogation. Verily God hears all, and sees everything. And remember Ishmael, Elisha and DhuŽl-Kifl. Every one of them is among the best. We shall deliver those who took heed for themselves, and leave the evil-doers kneeling there. You are asking me to disbelieve in God, and to associate with Him that of which I have no knowledge, yet I invite you to the all-mighty, all-forgiving. So when we heard the guidance we believed in it; and he who believes in his Lord will neither fear loss nor force. He raised the sky and set the Balance Verily men and women who have come to submission, men and women who are believers, men and women who are devout, truthful men and truthful women, men and women with endurance, men and women who are modest, men and women who give alms, men and women who observe fasting, men and women who guard their private parts, and those men and women who remember God a great deal, for them God has forgiveness and a great reward. O you assembly of jinns and men, did not apostles come to you from among you, communicating My signs to you, bringing warnings of this your day (of Doom)?" They will answer: "We bear witness to our sins." They were surely deluded by the life of the world, and bore witness against themselves because they were unbelievers. Verily the promise made to you is true:
Death Anniversaries
Name: YOUSUF ALI, Expiry Date: 1999-04-29

Name: KHAIRUNNISA, Expiry Date: 1985-04-29

Name: GHULAM HUSSAIN, Expiry Date: 2002-04-29

Name: SABERA, Expiry Date: 2010-04-29

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