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Now see the end of their machinations: We destroyed them and their entire people. You cannot make the dead to listen nor the deaf hear the call when they have turned back and retreated, Is this the legacy they have passed down from one to the other? In fact, they are a rebellious people. Then made his offspring from the extract of base fluid, And this verily is the true account. There is no god but God, and God is all-mighty and all-wise. To worship God who brings to light what is hidden in the heavens and the earth, and is cognisant of what you hide and what you disclose. When the trumpet blast is sounded they will come out of their graves and hasten to their Lord, Blessed is He who placed in the heavens constellations of stars, and placed a burning lamp in it and the luminous moon. Whosoever denies having once believed -- unless he is forced to do so while his heart enjoys the peace of faith -- and opens his mind to disbelief will suffer the wrath of God. Their punishment will be great, And say: "Glory be to our Lord. The promise of our Lord has indeed been fulfilled." Only they who do not believe in it wish to hasten it; but those who believe are in fear of it, for they know it to be true. Surely those who are in doubt about the Hour are wandering far astray. "I seek refuge in the Merciful from you, if you fear Him," she said. Therefore turn away from them and wait as they are waiting. O believers, you should not usurp unjustly the wealth of each other, but trade by mutual consent; and do not destroy yourselves. God is merciful to you. Satan has got the better of them. and made them forget to remember God. Indeed they belong to Satanīs faction. Will not Satanīs faction perish?
Death Anniversaries
Name: HUSSAIN ALI, Expiry Date: 1980-10-10

Name: KASAM ALI, Expiry Date: 1994-10-10

Name: ROSHAN BANO, Expiry Date: 1997-10-10

Name: YOUSUF ALI, Expiry Date: 2011-10-10

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