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And Our command is but one (word) swift as the winking of an eye. For they were seized by the torment. Verily there was a sign in this, but most of them did not believe. Noah said: "O Lord, do not leave a single habitation of unbelievers on the earth. He regulates all affairs from high to low, then they rise to perfection step by step in a (heavenly) day whose measure is a thousand years of your reckoning. Who gives but little, and is niggardly? Who is there to give you food in case He withholds His bounty? Yet they persist in rebellion and aversion. Those who do not believe, say: "When we and our fathers have turned to dust, how shall we be raised again? As they will noisily argue in the Fire, the weaker ones will say to the arrogant: "We were your followers, so will you take over some of our share of the fire?" God is verily with those who are pious and devout, and those who are doers of good. Truly Safa and Marwa are the symbols of God. Whoever goes on pilgrimage to the House (of God), or on a holy visit, is not guilty of wrong if he walk around them; and he who does good of his own accord will find appreciation with God who knows everything. Say to the infidels. "Act as best you can, we are acting too; We are not going to be damned." O you who believe, be helpers of God, as Jesus, son of Mary, had said to the disciples: "Who will help me in the way of God?" and they had answered: "We are the helpers of God." Then a section among the children of Israel believed, but a section among them did not. So We helped those who believed against their enemies, and they prevailed over them. I found a woman reigning over them, and she has been favoured with everything; and she has a throne that is magnificent. If you are late in performing your service of prayer honour God by remembering Him, standing or sitting or lying on your sides. And when you have security perform your act of prayer befittingly; and praying at fixed hours is prescribed for the faithful.
Death Anniversaries
Name: KASAM ALI, Expiry Date: 1975-11-28

Name: ZARINA BANOO, Expiry Date: 1983-11-28

Name: ALI MOHAMMAD, Expiry Date: 1988-11-28

Name: FAIZULLAH, Expiry Date: 1988-11-28

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