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Why do you worship Satan, O father? Verily Satan was disobedient to Ar-Rahman. Then We saved him and those on his side by Our grace, and destroyed to the very last those who rejected Our signs and denied the truth. So, leave them until they face their day (of doom) when they will be stunned. Each soul will come with a driver and a witness. So do not invent similitudes for God. Indeed God knows, and you do not know. We shall turn to their deeds and scatter them like particles of dust. We wished to exalt him, but he loved baseness and followed his lust. His likeness is that of a dog who hangs out his tongue if you drive him away, and still hangs it out if you leave him alone. Such is the case of the people who deny Our signs. Narrate this history to them; they may haply reflect. Follow what is revealed to you by your Lord. Verily God is all-knowing and all-wise. Have you not seen that all those who are in the heavens and the earth, and the birds on the wing, sing the praises of God. Each one knows its obligations and its duties, and God knows whatever they do. They will enter the gardens of Eden, where they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and of silk will be their garments. Those who fear God and follow the straight path will surely be in gardens and in bliss, And yet there are men who take others as compeers of God, and bestow on them love due to God; but the love of the faithful for God is more intense. If only the wicked could see now the agony that they will behold (on the Day of Resurrection), they will know that to God belongs the power entirely´. And the punishment of God is severe. As for him who is not in want of any thing, The people (of Abraham) had no answer except: "Kill him or burn him;" but God saved him from the fire. There are lessons in this for those who believe. Will surely have Paradise for abode.
Death Anniversaries
Name: LAL BAI (AMMA), Expiry Date: 1982-08-27

Name: REHMATULLAH, Expiry Date: 1983-08-27

Name: MOHAMMAD HUSSAIN, Expiry Date: 1985-08-27

Name: KULSOOM BANOO, Expiry Date: 1985-08-27

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