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The knower of the absent and the present, too exalted is He for what they associate (with Him)! At daybreak they called to each other: Tell them: "I do not say that I possess the treasures of God, or have knowledge of the Unknown, or that I am an angel. I only follow what is sent down to me." And say: "How can a blind man and a man who can see, be alike? Will you not reflect?" O you who believe, why do you profess what you do not practise? And those that distinguish distinctly, When you say to them: "Come to what God has revealed, and the Prophet," they say: "Sufficient to us is the faith that our fathers had followed," even though their fathers had no knowledge or guidance. Had they come to believe instead, and taken heed for themselves, they would surely have earned from God a far better reward. If only they had sense! And those who recite the Reminder, Never does a new reminder come to them from their Lord but they listen to it with dalliance. "O Moses, I am verily your Lord, so take off your shoes, for you are in the holy plain of Towa. Then they were seized by an earthquake, and lay overturned on the ground in their homes in the morning. That which is left to you by God is better, if you are true believers; yet I am not a warden over you." Theirs will be whatsoever they wish: And with Us there is more. We bestowed wisdom on Luqman that he may be grateful to God. Whosoever is grateful is so for his own good, and whoever is ungrateful (should remember) that God is above all concern, worthy of praise. The sky will cleave asunder on that day and fall to pieces.
Death Anniversaries
Name: MEHRUNNISA, Expiry Date: 1977-01-27

Name: FATIMA BANOO, Expiry Date: 1979-01-27

Name: ABDULLAH, Expiry Date: 1983-01-27

Name: SAKINA BAI, Expiry Date: 1985-01-27

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