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They also said: "Why was this QurŽan not sent down to some great man of the two cities?" (Preserved) on the guarded tablet. The sinners will certainly dwell for ever in the torment of Hell. Some of them look toward you: But can you show the blind the way even when they cannot see? Certainly your Lord provides with open hands whosoever He will, but according to capacity, for He knows and watches His creatures. Whenever a Surah is revealed they look at each other (so as to ask): "Is anyone looking at Us?" and then turn away. Indeed God has turned their hearts away (from the truth), for they cannot discern the law of heaven. Obeyed and worthy there of trust. Men are the support of women as God gives some more means than others, and because they spend of their wealth (to provide for them). So women who are virtuous are obedient to God and guard the hidden as God has guarded it. As for women you feel are averse, talk to them suasively; then leave them alone in bed (without molesting them) and go to bed with them (when they are willing). If they open out to you, do not seek an excuse for blaming them. Surely God is sublime and great. Tell them: "Bring your witnesses to testify that God has forbidden this (and this)." Then even if they testify, you should not testify with them; and do not follow the wishes of those who deny Our signs and believe not in the Hereafter, and make others the equal of their Lord. Indeed, we have been deprived of the fruits of our labour." We sent Moses with Our signs and clear authority But We bore him on a (vessel made) of planks and oakum, I CALL THE night to witness when it covers over, I will punish him severely, or cut his throat, unless he bring a valid excuse." And the devils -- the builders and divers of all kinds,
Death Anniversaries
Name: MOHAMMAD YOUSUF, Expiry Date: 1982-08-20

Name: DAWOOD ALI, Expiry Date: 1984-08-20

Name: AMINA BANOO, Expiry Date: 1984-08-20

Name: FAISAL ABBAS, Expiry Date: 1987-08-20

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