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God has reserved for hypocrites, whether men or women, and for unbelievers, the fire of Hell, where they will abide for ever. This is sufficient for them: They have Gods condemnation and lasting torment, When We asked the angels to bow before Adam, they all bowed but Iblis, who said: "Can I bow before him whom You created from clay?" And do not touch the property of the orphans except for bettering it, until they come of age; and fulfil the promise made: You will surely be questioned about the promise. But God knows your enemies well: and sufficient is God to protect you, and sufficient is God for all help. Verily Jonah is one of the apostles. Surely We have sent apostles before you, some of whose account We have related to you, and that of some We have not told you. But no apostle was given a miracle unless God dispensed. But when the decree of God comes the sentence is passed with justice; and the lovers of vice and vanity will then come to grief. So, leave them until they face their day (of doom) when they will be stunned. You can only warn him who listens to the warning and fears Ar-Rahman secretly. So give him good news of forgiveness and a generous reward. So God seized him for the punishment of the Hereafter and this world. Yet they worship those apart from God who cannot provide for them any sustenance from the heavens or the earth, nor will they have power to do so. This is the Paradise you will inherit (as meed) for your deeds. Those who spend in the way of God, and having spent do not boast or give pain (by word or deed), will get their reward from their Lord, and will neither have fear nor regret. Another of His signs is that He created mates of your own kind of yourselves so that you may get peace of mind from them, and has put love and compassion between you. Verily there are signs in this for those who reflect. It is He who grew the gardens, trellised and bowered, and palm trees and land sown with corn and many other seeds, and olives and pomegranates, alike and yet unlike. So eat of their fruit when they are in fruit, and give on the day of harvesting His due, and do not be extravagant, for God does not love those who are prodigal. And every morning asked forgiveness,
Death Anniversaries
Name: SHER ALI, Expiry Date: 1977-10-31

Name: ZOHRA KHATOON, Expiry Date: 1977-10-31

Name: RAJAB ALI, Expiry Date: 1983-10-31

Name: ZEHRA BAI, Expiry Date: 1988-10-31

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