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Will surely have Hell for his abode. Even so We roused them that they may question one another. One of them asked: "How long have you stayed here?" They said: "A day or less than a day." "Your Lord knows best," they said, "how long you have stayed. So send one of you to the town with this money of yours to look for wholesome food and bring it for you; but he should be careful not to let your presence known. Covered with the blackness (of shame): The unbelievers claim that they will not be raised again. Tell them: "Why not? By my Lord, you will certainly be raised again, and then informed of what you had done. That is how the law of God works inevitably." TA SIN MIM. That was indeed a trying test. So they tasted the pain of their actions; and the consequence of their deeds was ruin. (As they were leaving) their father said to them: "O my sons, do not seek one approach but employ different ways (of attaining your object). If anything should befall you from God I shall not be able to avert it, for all authority belongs to God. I have placed my trust in Him, and the trusting should rely on Him alone." Vanished has my power from me." The worst of creatures in the eyes of God are those who are deaf and dumb and devoid of sense. So now taste My punishment and My commination! Those who do not believe in the words of God are verily not guided by God. For them is severe punishment. And Our command is but one (word) swift as the winking of an eye. The answer of the believers when they are called to God and His Apostle that he may judge between them, is: "We hear and obey." And they are the ones who will prosper. God does not like ill (of others) spoken about, except by him who has been wronged. For God hears all and knows everything.
Death Anniversaries
Name: SUKAINA BAI, Expiry Date: 1990-03-27

Name: JAMSHED, Expiry Date: 1997-03-27

Name: AMIR ALI, Expiry Date: 1985-03-27

Name: ALI MOHAMMAD, Expiry Date: 1985-03-27

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