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So leave those who deny this Discourse to Me. We shall lead them step by step to (ruin) in a way they will not know. We never heard of it in the former faith. It is surely a fabrication. They say: "We obey;" but when they leave your company, a section of them discuss at night other things than you had said; but God takes note of what they discuss. So turn aside from them and trust in God; and God is sufficient as protector. Are verily the real unbelievers. And We have reserved for unbelievers an ignominious punishment. But God is your protector, and He is the best of helpers. Man is made of inordinate haste. We will show you Our signs, then you will not desire to hasten (the punishment). This is a favour from God; and sufficient is God, the all-knowing. O you who believe, God will surely try you with the game that you take with your hands or your lances, in order to know who fear Him unseen. Whosoever transgress after this will suffer grievous punishment. They ask you: "When will the Hour be? When is its time fixed?" "Bring him before the people," they said, "that they may bear witness." And the stars dispersed, (The Queen said): "O nobles, a venerable letter has been delivered to me. He saw Him indeed another time "We cannot find the masterīs goblet. Whoever comes up with it will be given a camel-load of grain; I vouch for it." Yet there are among those We have created people who lead (others) to the truth, and act justly in its light
Death Anniversaries
Name: DILAWAR HUSSAIN, Expiry Date: 1994-03-31

Name: SHER ALI, Expiry Date: 1984-03-31

Name: YOUNUS ALI, Expiry Date: 1990-03-31

Name: HUSSAIN MURAJ, Expiry Date: 1992-03-31

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