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They say: "O Lord, twice You made us die, and twice You made us live. We admit our sins. Is there still a way out for us?" It is We who give life and We who give death, and We are the One who will abide. (Remember) her who preserved her chastity, into whom We breathed a new life from Us, and made her and her son a token for mankind. In them maidens with averted glances, undeflowered by man or by jinn before them, -- We divided them into twelve (different) tribes. When his people asked for water, We said to Moses: "Strike the rock with your staff;" and behold, twelve springs of water gushed forth, so that each of the tribes had a place of its own to drink; and We made the clouds spread shade over them and sent for them manna and quails (and said): "Eat of the good things We have provided for you." But (by disobeying) they did not harm Us, they harmed themselves. You will see among them many who rush into sin and wickedness, and devour unlawful gain. How evil are the things they do! A provision for you and your cattle. You can only warn him who listens to the warning and fears Ar-Rahman secretly. So give him good news of forgiveness and a generous reward. You live by calling it a lie. His angels keep watch over him in succession (night and day), in front and behind, by God´s command. Verily God does not change the state of a people till they change themselves. When God intends misfortune for a people no one can avert it, and no saviour will they have apart from Him. When you see them argue about Our messages, withdraw from their company until they begin to talk of other things. In case the Devil makes you forget, leave the company of these unjust people the moment you remember this. All these apostles of good news and admonition were sent so that after the apostles men may have no argument against God. God is all-powerful and all-wise. Had it not been for a favour from his Lord he would have been cast blame-worthy on a barren plain. When Our revelations are recited before him, he says: "These are fables of long ago." That this is indeed the glorious Qur´an
Death Anniversaries
Name: GHULAM ABBAS, Expiry Date: 1984-11-22

Name: MAHER ALI, Expiry Date: 1983-11-22

Name: SAKINA BANO, Expiry Date: 1986-11-22

Name: GHULAM MOHAMMAD, Expiry Date: 1990-11-22

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