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We shall give them fruits and meats, and what they desire. Tell them: "The unclean and the pure are not equal, even though the abundance of the unclean may be pleasing to you." So fear God, O men of wisdom; you may haply find success. Are they waiting for the exposition of what it speaks of? The day that (Reality) is unravelled, the people who had lost sight of it will say: "The apostles of our Lord had indeed brought the truth. Do we have any one to intercede for us? If only we could go back to the world, we would act otherwise." Indeed they have caused themselves harm, and the lies they concocted did not help. Say: "Whosoever is the enemy of Gabriel who revealed the word of God to you by the dispensation of God, reaffirming what had been revealed before, and is a guidance and good news for those who believe, -- And yet the wicked follow their own lusts without understanding. Who can show the way to those whom God allows to go astray? None will they have to help them. As for those who believe and do good, We never burden a soul beyond capacity. They are men of Paradise where they will abide for ever. And do not take a life, which God has forbidden, except in a just cause. We have given the right (of redress) to the heir of the person who is killed, but he should not exceed the limits (of justice) by slaying (the killer), for he will be judged (by the same law). How many living things there are on the earth that do not Store their food; God provides them as well as you. He is all-hearing and all-knowing. And your movements among those who bow in homage to God. Of no avail shall be his wealth, nor what he has acquired. But it adds disbelief to disbelief for those whose hearts are filled with doubt, and they die disbelieving. They are those who will surely have their share of whatsoever they have earned; for God is swift at the reckoning. How many faces will be refulgent on that Day, The truth is from your Lord, so be not among those who are sceptics. No intercession avails with Him except his He allows, so that when their hearts are freed of fear, they ask (one another): "What did your Lord say?" They will answer: "What is expedient. He is the all-mighty and supreme."
Death Anniversaries
Name: HABIB AHMED, Expiry Date: 1981-05-23

Name: FATIMA BANOO, Expiry Date: 1984-05-23

Name: MOHAMMAD ALI, Expiry Date: 1986-05-23

Name: MOHAMMAD ALI, Expiry Date: 1987-05-23

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