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And whenever you apply force become tyrannical. When he had grown up to full maturity, We gave him wisdom and knowledge. Thus do We recompense the doers of good. They will all be brought together before Us. They will have no food except bitter thorn, Your Lord would not surely destroy unjustly human habitations so long as the people are righteous. SAY: "O YOU unbelievers, Yet they did not differ about it until knowledge came to them, through rivalries among themselves. If the Word of your Lord, (staying) it for a time ordained, had not preceded it, the matter would have been settled among them. But those who came to inherit the Book after them are also in doubt and disturbed about it. And We drowned the others. (The Pharaoh) said (to his nobles): "Your apostle who has been sent to you, is certainly mad." Then his Lord chose him and placed him among the upright. Then crestfallen (they confessed): "Truly, as you know, they cannot speak." They said: "O Minister, he has an aged father, so keep one of us in his place. We see you are a virtuous man." Taught man what he did not know. This is surely Our provision never-ending. But those who deny Our revelations are the people of the left hand:
Death Anniversaries
Name: MEHMOOD JAFFAR, Expiry Date: 1976-09-24

Name: JAFFAR ALI, Expiry Date: 1973-09-24

Name: ZEHRA BANO, Expiry Date: 1980-09-24

Name: EBRAHIM, Expiry Date: 1982-09-24

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This site has the database of Hussaini Bagh Graveyard No. 2 Karachi. The search is accessible through Cemetery Number, Name and Expiry Date. This data is provided by Khoja (Pirai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat, Karachi.

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