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When they dishonoured their pledge We condemned them, and hardened their hearts. So they distort the words of the Scripture out of context, and have forgotten some of what they were warned against. You will always hear of treachery on their part except that of a few. But forbear and forgive them, for God loves those who do good. They said: "Surely you are deluded. You will also find persons who, while wishing to live in peace with you as well as with their own people, turn to civil war the moment they are called to it. If they do not keep away from you, nor offer you peace nor restrain their hands, seize them and kill them wherever they are. We have given you a clear sanction against them. Cursed were disbelievers among the children of Israel by David and Jesus, son of Mary, because they rebelled and transgressed the bounds. He will sip it, yet will not be able to gulp it down. Death will crowd in upon him from every side, but die he will not. A terrible torment trails him. We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them but with a purpose for an appointed time. Yet the unbelievers turn away from the warning. Devotees of Ar-Rahman are those who walk with humility on the earth, and when they are addressed by the ignorant, say: ´Peace;" I CALL TO witness the chargers, snorting, rushing to battle before the others, When the apostles despaired and thought they were made false promises, Our help arrived, and We delivered whom We pleased; but never will Our punishment be averted from the sinners. Many faces will be joyous on that day, Whatever is in the heavens and the earth and in between them, belongs to Him, as whatever lies under the earth. To every community We have sent an apostle. (saying:) "Worship God, and keep away from all other deities." Thus some of them were guided by God, and ruin was justified on some. Travel over the earth and see what befell those who accused (the apostles) of lies. When they have reached their appointed time, then either keep them lawfully or let them go honourably; but have two witnesses from among you, and give truthful evidence for (being acceptable to) God. This is to warn him who believes in God and the Last Day. God will furnish a way out for him who fears Him, It is He who stretched the earth and placed upon it stabilisers and rivers; and made two of a pair of every fruit; (and) He covers up the day with the night. In these are signs for those who reflect. These are the verses of the sagacious Book,
Death Anniversaries
Name: KASAM ALI, Expiry Date: 1989-07-25

Name: NARGIS BANO, Expiry Date: 1981-07-25

Name: FAZAL BHAI, Expiry Date: 1986-07-25

Name: NOOR BANO, Expiry Date: 1991-07-25

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