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HA MIM. By no means. In fact they do not fear the Hereafter. So We heard his cry and relieved him of the misery he was in. We restored his family to him, and along with them gave him others similar to them as a grace from Us and reminder for those who are obedient. As for those who do not hope to meet Us (after death), and are content with the life of this world, who are oblivious of Our signs, Do you think that giving a drink of water to the pilgrims and going on a visit to the Sacred Mosque, is the same as believing in God and the Last Day, and striving in the cause of God? In the eyes of God it is not the same; and God does not show the unrighteous the way. O you tranquil soul, When a messenger was sent to them by God affirming the Books they had already received, some of them put (His message) behind their backs as if they had no knowledge of it. After having turned to carious bones?" They are those who will suffer the worst chastisement in this life, and will be the greatest losers in the life to come. SAY: "HE IS God the one the most unique, Over which you will see no curves or elevations. Where they will recline on couches feeling neither heat of the sun nor intense cold. (And said): "Eat of the good things We have given you for food, and do not exceed the bounds (of law) in this, or My wrath will surely fall upon you; and he who incurs My wrath will fall into the abyss. It is God who made the cattle for you so that some you ride and some you eat. So he came from the chamber to his people, and suggested to them (by signs) to sing the praises of the Lord morning and evening.
Death Anniversaries
Name: ZAINAB BANOO, Expiry Date: 1986-10-28

Name: NOOR ZEHRA, Expiry Date: 1988-10-28

Name: HASAN ALI, Expiry Date: 1996-10-28

Name: HASAN ALI, Expiry Date: 1997-10-28

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