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So We seized him and his hordes and threw them into the sea. Behold then how was the end of the wicked! People ask you about the Hour (of the great change). Say: "Only God has knowledge of it. Who knows? The Hour may be close at hand." Or backbiter, calumniator, slanderer, If they call you a liar, tell them infinite is the mercy of your Lord; but His vengeance will not be turned back from the sinners. And to set my face toward the way, as one upright, and not be one of those who associate others with God. Their requital will be Hell, because they disbelieved and mocked My signs and messengers. Not in the least. He has brought the truth and confirmed the other messengers. Then some of them believed in it, and some turned away from it; yet sufficient is Hell, the flaming Fire! And glorify Him for some portion of the night, and additional adorations. Does he not know when the contents of the graves are laid bare Never so. We shall certainly write down what he says, and prolong the extent of his punishment. Verily the Hour (of the great change) is about to come. I keep it secret that every soul may be rewarded for its endeavour. But they are succeeded by a generation who neglect their devotional obligations and follow only earthly pleasures; but they will reach the wrong road and meet destruction, He asks: "When will the Day of Resurrection be?" Then We destroyed the others.
Death Anniversaries
Name: JAFFAR ALI, Expiry Date: 1974-06-22

Name: KULSOOM BANOO, Expiry Date: 1978-06-22

Name: NOOR BANOO, Expiry Date: 1979-06-22

Name: ANWAR HUSSAIN, Expiry Date: 1981-06-22

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