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Obedience and modest speech (would have been more becoming). And when the matter has been determined it is best for them to be true to God.

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Love never perishes. If our loved ones are no more with us, we still remember them in our thoughts, words, actions, principles and values. We visit their graves to pay our respects and cherish their memories. If it would be in our hands, we would pass all the treasures and comforts of this world to them. But, no material things of this world could possibly benefit them except for our prayers and fateha.

If this fateha is offered near the grave, it brings more comfort and peace within us. But, while keeping up with our worldly commitments, it becomes physically challenging for us to visit the graves of our loved ones.

To keep up with present times, to fulfill our religious, social and moral duties and to keep our values intact, the team of fateha.org has taken up this project of creating and maintaining and online database of the graveyard(s) including the Pictures of each grave. All visitors to fateha.org, the family members and well wishers of the loved ones can easily access these records, through refined and easy search tools, and see the pictures of the grave of their loved ones, along-with certain information about the deceased.

To start with, the Khoja (Pirai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat, Karachi provided us the text data of “Hussaini Bagh No.2” graveyard (located at Mewashah, Karachi), and the team of fateha.org did the rest. The entire process of web development, taking photographs of each grave, uploading, creation and maintenance of pages and making it interactive is a joint effort of our team and the technical experts for web development.

The team behind Fateha.org is none other than those people, whose mission is to serve humanity, in whatever possible ways. Be it through “Pak Medical and Welfare Trust (Pak Night Clinic)” or the religious programs organized by “Anjuman-e-Aashiqan-e-Abbas Alamdar (AS)”, the team remains committed on contributing to our society in every possible way.

Fateha.org will be continuously upgraded and developed, in best possible ways. This cannot be achieved without your help and support. So whatever ideas you have, do share with us. Co-development is the key to the attainment of our mission. The future plans thought so far include:

· Update of new records on a monthly basis

· Establishing a record of the family members / well wishers of the deceased

· Gathering and uploading passport size life picture of the deceased

· Sending regular updates to registered visitors

· Commemorating through the website, important religious events, including the birth and death anniversaries of our Masoomeen

· Commemorating through the website, the death anniversary of our loved ones

· Establishment of an online interactive forum to promote Islamic teachings

· Adding more information about the loved ones (including condolence notes and brief memoirs)

· Facilitating messages and views for graveyard upliftment and maintenance to the concerned authorities

· Facilitating Hadiya / Fateha / Quran khuwani for the Esaal -e- Sawab of the loved ones and flower arrangements.